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In 1992 LRB Indústria e Comércio de Produtos Químicos Ltda. Was born in the city of Estância Velha (RS) . With an entrepreneurial vision and family engagement, became a national pioneer in the manufacture of water-based adhesives for the Hygienc Papers segment .


The 1990s were marked by intense transformations and constant dedication to the enterprise, which took on market proportions, requiring human resources and greater physical space to supply the new demand.


In 2004, a new product line was developed , Hot Melt adhesives, with the objective of meeting the needs of new market niches, such as the Furniture , Footwear and Packaging sectors . The constant investments both in the water-based adhesives line and in the Hot Melt line, made LRB's production capacity take a significant leap, tripling its production process.


The history of LRB is a case of success, whose entrepreneurial vision , determination and unity are principles that prove the results and evolution of the organization, which continues to reinvent itself every day, with the quality of its products as an example and technical assistance dedicated to its customers.


Develop, produce and sell adhesives in an innovative way, preserving the environment, aiming at the satisfaction of customers, employees and shareholders.



Be recognized as a reference

adhesive in Brazil.


- Justice in relationships;

- Innovation;

- Sustainability;

- Valuing people ;

- Customer focus;

- Quality;

- Efficiency.

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